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The Ella Johnson Memorial Public Library District Board of Trustees consists of seven members who hold office for six years. Terms are staggered and the board is elected at consolidated elections. The Board of Trustees meets the fourth Monday of every month unless such day is a recognized holiday. Board meetings are held at the library and begin at 7:30 p.m. The public is encouraged to attend. Board policies and procedures can be found in the linked documents below.

Electronic attendance at meetings

Library Board of Trustees

Barbara Brust, President
Term Expires April 2017

Linda Wallace, Vice President
Term Expires April 2015

Judith Pokorny, Secretary
Term Expires April 2017

Lori Dreher
, Treasurer
Term Expires April 2019

Luann Sarro
Term Expires April 2015

Kate Tamms
Term Expires April 2017

Kristin Whaley
Tern Expires April 2015

To contact the library's board of trustees send an email to libraryboard@ellajohnsonlibrary.org

Ella Johnson Memorial Library District
109 South State Street Hampshire, IL 60140
Email: library@ellajohnsonlibrary.org
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