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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a library card?

To get a library card you need to be a resident of the library district and at least 5 years of age. You will want to bring a driver's license and proof of address (like a bill), if your driver's license has a different address than your current address. Find out more about our policies on obtaining a library card on our Library Card Information Page.

How do I figure out my Pin number?

Your Pin number is automatically set to the last 4 digits of your 14 digit library card number. You can find this number on the back of your library card, under the bar code.

How do I check my account and renew?

You can check your account by going to the Review Your Account Sign in Page. Once there you will type in your 14 digit library card number and 4 digit pin (the last 4 digits of your library card number). Once logged in, click on the "My Account" option in the upper right corner of the page to view items checked out and items placed on hold.

How do I register for an upcoming program?

First, check our Event Calendar to find an event of interest. If the event says "No registration required" you can just show up to the event. If the event mentions that you need to register, just call the library at 847-683-4490 to put your name on the sign up sheet for the event.

How do I use a Library computer?

All Ella Johnson Library card holders can use the public access computers for an hour each day. To get on a computer, you need to click on "Log in as Patron" and then enter your 14 digit library card number and 4 digit pin number (the last 4 digits of your library card number). If you do not have an Ella Johnson Library Card you can purchase a guest pass at the Information Desk for two dollars.

How do I get WiFi in the library?

If you are in the library you can use our free public WiFi. There is no password. Just go to your settings or the Internet Connection signal on your device and search for networks. Our network is EJL-Public. Touch or click it to connect.

How do I print in the library?

To print in the library you will need to first pull up your document on one of our public access computers. When you press print you will need to then click Ok on the pop-up window. To release your print job, you will then go to the printing release station next to the Information Desk. Click on "release print job" and type in the library card number you used to log in to the computer you printed from. Then you simply select the items you want to print, click on Print, put the proper amount of money the vending machine next to the print release station, and click "pay from vending device." Your job will now print from our printer. See our Printing Help Guide for more specific instructions.

How can I find a book using the catalog?

First go to the PrairieCat Catalog. Type in the title of a book or a subject you are interested in. You will get a list of items at all of the libraries in our system. To just search our holdings, you need to go to the "Libraries" option from the options on the left side of the page. Click on "more" to view all libraries. Scroll down the list and click on Ella Johnson Memorial Public Library. This will show you items here at our library. Simply click on the title of the items you want to find to view its call number location in the library and to see if it is available or checked out. See our Catalog Help Guide for more specific instructions.

How do I download an eBook through the library?

See our eBooks Help Page to find instructions on how to download an eBook to your specific device.

How do I download free Mp3 songs through the library?

See our Music Help Page to find instructions on how to download MP3 files to your device.

How do I access free digital magazines through the library?

See our Zinio Help Page to find instructions on how to access digital magazines on your device.

How do I get a museum adventure pass?

Your first step is to visit the Museum Adventure Pass Homepage to see the list of available museums by clicking on the blue "Available Museums"at the top of the page. If you see a museum you would like to visit, you need to come in to the library to check one one out. You will be asked for your library card number, so have your library card ready. The pass is good for one week and there is one pass per card and only one pass per family.

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