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For Parents

Child Safety

Child Abuse Prevention Network

A network of organizations and individuals fighting child abuse.

Children’s Safety Network

A resource center for child and adolescent injury and violence prevention.

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Information on the AMBER Alert system, Megan’s Law, and other topics relevant to missing and exploited children.

U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

Check here for all of the latest product recall information.

A guide to Internet safety for young people, originally from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and Interactive Services Association.

Childnet International

Whether you’re puzzled by parental controls or would like to know more about safe online gaming, this site can help.

Development (cognitive, emotional, physical)

Autism Society of America

Offers support and educational materials for children, adolescents, and adults (and their families) with autism and related disorders including Asperger’s Syndrome and pervasive developmental disorder. A yearly conference sponsored by the society is available providing a comprehensive understanding and update on autism and related disorders.

Birth to 6

Includes information about early literacy skills and how to help your child get ready to read as well as how to read to different ages: babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. Booklists are provided. Discusses the role reading plays in brain development. Provides information about early childhood resources and programs, including Early Words.

EACP Collaborative

The Early Childhood and Parenting Collaborative (ECAP) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is home to a number of projects that focus on educating and raising young children. It consists of professors, academic professionals, and research assistants who collaborate on a variety of projects under the direction of faculty in early childhood education and special education.

National Center for Learning Disabilities

A user-friendly resource for parents, caregivers, or anyone impacted by or concerned about learning disabilities (LD). Features guides for understanding LD symptoms and treatments in an age-appropriate context, from preschool through adulthood.

Fred Rogers Center for Early Learning

Early Learning Environment (Ele) helps parents and caregivers utilize media as a tool for PreK learning. The site offers a large number of learning activities in a variety of formats including songs, games, books, videos, and more.

Zero to Three

Lots of information on infants and toddlers for both parents and professionals.

Inspire My Kids

Inspirational stories, videos and projects for children and the adults in their lives.


Resources to help the child who has difficulty with speech, language, communication, or is a late talker, who has a communication impairment or disorder.


Homeschool World

Obtain the latest homeschooling news and articles. This site is updated very frequently and is created by the publishers of Practical Homeschooling and Homeschool PC.

Born Learning

Born Learning is a public engagement campaign that helps parents, grandparents and caregivers explore ways to turn everyday moments into fun learning opportunities. Web content is available in English and in Spanish.

Common Core State Standards Initiative

Devoted to the task of defining Common Core State Standards, this site provides detailed definitions of what students are expected to learn. It serves as a resource to teachers and parents embarking on the education of young people, especially in the context of relevance to real-world knowledge and skills that are necessary for success in college and careers.

Get Set 4 Kindergarten

This amazing guide to school readiness includes four sections that change monthly: kindergarten skills readiness, getting ready to read, health and wellness, and an information printout. Notably, each section includes book and website recommendations.

TedED- Lessons Worth Sharing

TED-Ed provides access to educational video lessons, allowing users to take any TED Talk, TED-Ed Lesson or educational video and build a lesson around around it.

Health and Nutrition


This site is the creation of Robert and Nicole Smith, the parents of a severely food allergic son, who was diagnosed at the age of 9 months old, and a daughter, Michaela, diagnosed with celiac disease and a mast cell disorder several years ago. They share their experiences with you to help you keep your food allergic child safe, healthy and living as close to a ‘normal’ life as possible.

Immunization Schedules for Infants and Children

Kids Health

Nemours Foundation site that offers parents sections on general medicine and surgical health issues. Articles on asthma and allergies, bones and muscles, ear, nose and throat, emergencies, fevers, growth and development, infection pain, sleep and vaccines.

American Academy of Pediatrics

Their “You and Your Family” section offers a parent resource guide, a pediatric referral service, an immunization schedule, child care books and updates on pediatric health issues.

Nutrition for Children

Children’s nutrition, recipes, and games.



Information for parents and advice from experts on topics from pre-conception through toddlerhood.

Welcome to Parenthood: A Family Guide

The day you have been waiting for has arrived. You have so much to look forward to! Right now, you might have lots of questions. Welcome to Parenthood: A Family Guide is offered by the New York State Department of Health to help you find the answers.


Get Ready to Read

Get Ready to Read! is designed to support educators, parents, and young children in the development of early literacy skills in the years before kindergarten. Intended for use with all children, the resources and information provided on this site promote skill-building, communication between adults, and ways to address concerns.

Between the Lions

The Between the Lions parent center is a great website for finding activities and daily tips about simple strategies parents can use each day working with their children. There are also interactive, educational games and a recommended reading list for parents.

Early Literacy Tips

This website offers a top ten list to get children “on the road to reading” as well as a selection of preschool literacy tips for families to make reading and writing meaningful.

Every Child Ready to Read (ECRR)

The American Library Association’s initiative to educate parents and caregivers on early literacy practices.

National Children’s Literacy Website

The National Children’s Literacy Website is a unique children’s literacy initiative and is part of the Soho Center’s National Children’s Literacy Information Project. It is a not-for-profit initiative dedicated to advancing the literacy skills of young children, promoting literacy as an integral factor in the growth of society, and enhancing literacy in a variety of home and child care settings.

Color and Read Early Emergent and Emergent Readers

Included in this huge, and free, 73 page pack are early emergent and emergent readers for the colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, brown, and black! They feature these basic sight words: a, I, look, at, the, see, can, you, it, is and this with predictable text.

Reading the Alphabet

Reading the Alphabet is a free reading curriculum designed for those who already know their letters and letter sounds, yet are not ready for a faster paced, full-blown curriculum. This curriculum may also work for those who are struggling to master foundational phonics, phonological, and phonemic awareness skills.

Free BOB Book Printables

BOB Books are perfect for the beginning reader. Starting with the earliest set, phonics features and sight words are introduced slowly to make it easy for your child to pick up the book and read. Download several free books for use at home from this site.

Sight Words

This site is full of great information, and it includes games, lessons, custom flashcards, and more.

Fun Phonics

Fun Phonics offers free downloadable phonic readers.

Free Phonetic Readers

Written and illustrated with sensitivity and gentle humor, Free Phonetic Readers features short and long vowels. Stories introducing children from a variety of backgrounds along with their families, friends, pets and other critters introduce phonics to the beginning reader.

Resources for Teaching Reading

Includes tips for teaching your child how to read, games, free downloads and printables, and much more.

Mrs. Perkins’ Dolch Words

Mrs. Perkins’ Dolch Words is a website dedicated to providing teachers and parents with everything they need to teach Dolch sight words to their children.