Nonfiction Books

Inky’s Amazing Escape by Sy Montgomery

(Preschool-Grade 2) In a tank in a New Zealand Aquarium lived an octopus named Inky. Inky was happy in his aquarium home but he was very curious and he loved to explore. And because octopuses lack bones, Inky could squeeze through very small openings with ease. So one April night, Inky decided to leave his tank and return to his home in the Pacific. And this is Inky’s story based on what really happened!


The Sun is Kind of a Big Deal by Nick Seluk

(Kindergarten-Grade 3) Oh hey, guess what? The Sun never stops working to keep things on Earth running smoothly. (That’s why it’s been Employee of the Month for 4.5 billion years.) So why does the Sun get to be the center of attention? Because it’s our solar system’s very own star!

This funny and factual picture book explains every part of the Sun’s big job: keeping our solar system together, giving Earth day and night, keeping us warm, and more. In fact, the Sun does so much for us that we wouldn’t be alive without it. That’s kind of a big deal!


The Haunted Hotel by Lisa Regan

(Grades 2-5) What better place for an adventure than a spooky hotel? When you read this innovative book, you will go on a puzzle-solving journey through an old, haunted hotel. Along the way, you’ll meet some very interesting characters and hone your problem-solving skills. Pay close attention to the illustrations and find hidden clues that will help you solve all of the different puzzles. This exciting book is a must-have for lovers of puzzles, Halloween, ghosts, and all sorts of spooky creatures.


An Anthology of Intriguing Animals by Ben Hoare

(Grades 2-5) Discover the incredible stories and myths behind your favorite animals–whether it’s how the koala got its name, or which animal the Ancient Egyptians thought rolled the sun across the sky. Pore over the spectacular photographs, including detailed close-ups, and learn fun facts at the same time. Containing more than 100 species arranged from biggest to smallest, this beautiful modern book lets you find the animals that interest you, and possibly uncover a new favorite along the way!


To the Moon and Back by Buzz Aldrin

(Grades 3-7) Join Buzz Aldrin on the landmark mission to be the first humans on the moon. Through vivid photos and elaborate paper-engineered pop-ups, you can marvel at the majesty of the Saturn V rocket that stretched as tall as the Statue of Liberty, experience the thrill of the Eagle landing on the lunar surface, hold your breath in anticipation as the Apollo 11 crew splashes back down to Earth, and cheer each advancement that brought the United States to the lead in the space race.


Surviving a Shark Attack by Katie Marisco

(Grades 3-7) Bethany Hamilton’s arm was gone and she was bleeding in the open ocean. It was October 31, 2003, and she had just been attacked by a tiger shark during an early morning surf session with some family friends. The shark left her badly wounded but remarkably Bethany stayed calm and alert. But how would she make it to shore? And what if the shark was still around? Read more about the inspiring true story of a thirteen-year-old’s encounter with a shark. How did she survive?


Why Not? by Crispin Boyer

(Grades 3-7) The concept of this book is simple. Got a question? Boy, does it have answers! Over 1,000 of them. Why don’t you keep growing your whole life? Check out the human body section. Why aren’t we traveling by jet pack yet? Tech has your answer. Why aren’t school buses red? Flip to the pop culture chapter. Why aren’t dinosaurs still alive? Why can’t you walk on clouds? It’s all there! With hundreds of topics ranging from silly to serious, this book has got the expert information in a fun Q&A format that will keep you digging for answers!